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Primary Care Tips for New Moms and Families

Advance With MUSC Health
June 12, 2019
Daniel Island Family Medicine Provider Jennifer Palo
Daniel Island Family Medicine Provider Jennifer Palo

New mom and experienced family nurse practitioner, Jennifer Palo, knows that finding the right primary care provider for yourself and your whole family is extremely important. She also knows that a mom’s health care needs don’t stop after delivery. Taking care of yourself is just important as taking care of your family. Luckily, a family practice specialist like Jennifer can help with both.

Primary Care Provider Jennifer Palo with daughter Elisabeth.Since starting graduate school, I’ve known that being a family practice nurse practitioner was my purpose in life. After believing I could never have children and then to be blessed with the birth of our daughter, I now add being a mom to my purpose list. I love family practice because I enjoy taking care of the entire family, knowing my patients and treating my patients with the same compassion and empathy I would expect for my own family. My daughter gives me even more motivation to be the best provider I can be. I want her to grow up knowing how loved and supported she is and that when I am away from her at work, I am fulfilling my passion for helping people.

–Jennifer Palo

When Jennifer treats different members of a family, she gets to know them on a personal level and learns the entire family’s medical history. That way, she knows what to monitor for, how to encourage preventive medicine, and the best way to treat them as they go through different life stages.

Tips for Your Primary Care Visit

For new moms transitioning from Women’s Health to Primary Care, Jennifer recommends starting your search for a primary care provider early. Feeling confident and comfortable with your provider is key to cultivating a long-term relationship! She also offers her five top tips when you’re ready to make an appointment:

  1. Bring medical records
    Be sure to bring past medical records for review including immunizations, recent lab work, screening test results, and details about any pregnancy complications or emergency room visits.
  2. Write down and ask questions
    Write down your questions and bring them to your appointment. No patient should ever be hesitant to ask their primary care provider about their health concerns. 
  3. Think about your family history
    Family history is helpful for your care team to identify health needs for preventive care and guide testing.
  4. Be honest
    Be 100% honest about habits and vices like diet, exercise, sleep, and alcohol use, as well as supplements and other medications taken.
  5. Ask about contacting us
    How can you get in contact with your provider? Is there a portal to view your results? Can you schedule appointments online? Can you email your provider? Can you do virtual visits? What after-hours options are available? When you or your family needs medical attention, these are the first places to look.

MUSC Health offers an online portal, MyChart, where patients can view their records, results, and email their provider. Through MyChart, current patients can also initiate an e-visit with a primary care provider during business hours. New and returning patients can schedule doctor’s appointments online. For after-hours care, virtual urgent care visits are available with emergency practice providers 24/7.

About Jennifer Palo

Jennifer Palo is a family nurse practitioner who practices at MUSC Health Primary Care – Daniel Island. She has been a primary care provider for over 14 years and joined MUSC Health in 2016. Prior to becoming an NP, Jennifer was a pediatric RN in a large pediatric hospital. She was trained to work anywhere in the hospital, but mainly covered the pediatric intensive care units (ICU) and trauma team. Jen has two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree in nursing. As an NP, she can diagnose, prescribe medication, and treat patients. She enjoys being part of the MUSC team, knowing she has access to numerous specialties to consult and collaborate with. Make an appointment with Jennifer Palo online now!