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Dr. Alyssa Rheingold

Well Being in the New Year

January 19, 2023

For Mental Health Wellness Month, clinical psychologist Alyssa Rheingold offers 12 prompts to boost well-being in the new year.

Person breaking a cigarette in half.

Tips for Quitting Smoking

January 03, 2023

Emily Ware and Benjamin Toll discuss quit plans and steps you can take to quit smoking.

Improving your Core with big three exercises main image depicting person doing bird dog exercise.

The Big Three

December 20, 2022

Athletic trainer Michael Sole shares exercises to help build your core.

Alaine Mills, R.D.

Gut Health

December 14, 2022

MUSC Health dietician Alaine Mills talks about the importance of gut health and how to create a healthy and diverse gut microbiome.

Decorative Image

Population Genomics

November 29, 2022

MUSC has partnered with Helix, a leading population genomics company, to help create the new In Our DNA SC community health research program.

Person with plate of food in front of them holding a knife and fork.

Blood Sugar During Holidays

November 22, 2022

Anna Rhoads, MS, RD, LD, discusses strategies for managing your blood sugar during the holidays.

Athletic trainer and trainee in the weightroom.

Movement Is Medicine

October 10, 2022

Take a step towards a healthier lifestyle. Michael Sole, MS, ATC, CSCS, discusses the preventative benefits of exercise.

Senior man is drinking water after exercising.

Heat, Humidity, and Hydration

September 13, 2022

If our bodies are unable to cool down through sweating and other physiological responses, we can suffer a progression of increasingly menacing heat illnesses.

Doctor Benjamin Lamb

Flu Season Check-In

September 12, 2022

So you think you have the flu. Or is it COVID? Dr. Benjamin Lamb, discusses the difference and what to do if you have symptoms/

Showing 1 – 10 (of 66)