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Childhood Obesity

September 15, 2023

Obesity in children and risk of diabetes are on the rise. This school-based wellness initiative ensures all children have the chance to live a healthy life.

Eight MUSC Health care team members standing in a line smiling

Pediatric ECMO Program

September 13, 2023

Battling the storm one week at a time: MUSC Health’s Pediatric ECMO Program redesignated platinum center of excellence

Smiling child hugging a stuffed turtle in front of a mural of a turtle

Bowie's Story

July 18, 2023

Before suffering serious firepit burns, this two-year old had no love for doctors, nurses & hospitals. Now he looks forward to visits & seeing his surgeon.

Smiling teen (Anthony) wearing baseball cap.

Anthony's Story

July 05, 2023

Teen Suffers Serious Grease Burn: A Journey to Find Proper Treatment.

Seairyn with burn nurse Tiffany Smith, RN, BSN

Seairyn's Story

June 09, 2023

A team of MUSC Children's Health pediatric burn specialists care for a teen who sustained serious burns not from a fire but from a golf cart crash.

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"Pediatric Ready"

May 15, 2023

MUSC Health Lancaster Medical Center’s Emergency Department recognized by S.C. DHEC Medical Services for Children Program as a “Pediatric Ready” hospital.

Dr. Barbara Head

Heart Care at MUSC's AFCC

May 10, 2023

Read Lucas' story & how MUSC Woment's Health’s Advanced Fetal Care Center leads the region in caring for families with prenatally diagnosed birth defects.

Close-up of a smiling child

Jack's Journey

April 04, 2023

His parents find deep empathy & experience in the Children's Health team treating their child born with the congenital anomaly cleft lip & palate.

Close-up of smiling young child on the beach.

Maggie's Story

April 04, 2023

A mother works with MUSC Children's Health Cleft Palate Program team to care for her daughter.

Smiling young boy in a hoody and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt.

Raylan's Story

March 14, 2023

Young pulmonary patient enjoys life thanks to care from MUSC Health medical team.

Showing 1 – 10 (of 74)