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A person eating a bowl of salad.

Ask a Dietician

March 21, 2024

MUSC Health Registered Outpatient Dietician Rhiannon Shelbourne talks about nutrition, how to eat a plant-based diet, and more.

Woman eating a salad.

Healthy Lifestyle

January 09, 2024

It’s that time of year. You vow to go “cookieless” for the next 30 days and embark on the strictest regimen ever to shed pounds and get in shape — not so fast.

A couple smiles while holding a wrapped gift; a lit Christmas tree is scene in the background.

Healthy Holiday Season

December 05, 2023

Dr. Jerry Reves' Healthy Holiday Plan: Navigate festivities with moderation, mindful eating and self-care for a joyful and well-balanced season.

People share food during the holiday season.

Holiday Weight Management Tips

October 26, 2023

Find holiday cheer and practical tips from MUSC Health nutritionists on managing your weight and making healthier choices during festive feasts.

MUSC Nutritionist Alaine Mills presents nutritional options to several people.

Ask A Dietitian

October 25, 2023

MUSC Health Registered Dietitian Alaine Mills answers your diet questions and offers tips on what you should be doing to stay healthy.

Person eating a processed dessert while surrounded by whole fruits and vegetables.

Inflammation & Diet

May 22, 2023

Athletic Trainer, Laren Siefken, talks about how what we eat contributes to how we feel.

Alaine Mills, R.D.

Gut Health

December 14, 2022

MUSC Health dietician Alaine Mills talks about the importance of gut health and how to create a healthy and diverse gut microbiome.

Erika Blank, M.D.

Reversing Chronic Disease

July 18, 2022

In this episode, Dr. Erika Blank, an MUSC Health physician, talks about how evidence-based, lifestyle medicine is changing the lives of MUSC Health patients.

Carol Wagner, M.D.

Vitamin D

June 23, 2022

Dr. Carol Wagner on vitamin D and avoiding deficiency.

Erika Blank, M.D.

Nutrition Month

March 15, 2022

Dr. Erika Blank shares how to be your healthiest, strongest self.

Showing 1 – 10 (of 17)