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Athletic team in a circle putting hands in together

Inside the Winning Play

May 28, 2024

Discover how MUSC Health Sports Medicine's expert team collaborates to ensure athletes receive top-notch care from injury to victory.

A person outside hot from the sun.

Tips for Managing Heat Illness

May 01, 2024

Master exertional heat illnesses with MUSC Health Sports Medicine. From cramps to stroke, stay safe and perform at your peak.

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Jude's Story

November 01, 2023

Sometimes science, serendipity and surgery blend to advance patient care, as illuminated by this case of a child born with a complex spinal disorder.

A professional tends to a soccer player likely injured with a concussion.

Concussion Rehabilitation

October 23, 2023

Get expert guidance on concussion rehabilitation and return-to-learn strategies in sports medicine from MUSC Health athletic trainer.

Close-up of a person holding their knee in pain.

Osteoporosis Day

October 20, 2023

Protect your bones and prevent fractures with screening and treatment at MUSC Health's specialized bone health clinic.

Bearded man wincing and holding his right shoulder

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

October 04, 2023

MUSC Health orthopaedic surgeon explains the benefits of shoulder replacement surgery for chronic pain relief and enhanced mobility.

Person in athletic wear on a beach massaging their right quadracep.

Quad Tendon Autograft

September 19, 2023

Discover the game-changing benefits of quad tendon autograft for ACL reconstruction. Dr. Rivera-Rosado shares insights on this innovative procedure.

Person supporting left hand with right hand. The wrist area of the left hand appears to be causing pain.

Total Wrist Replacement

August 28, 2023

Advanced implant design enhances total wrist replacement, offering relief from debilitating joint pain.

Lee Leddy, M.D.

Bone Sarcoma Relief

July 10, 2023

For Sarcoma & Bone Cancer Awareness Month, discover how MUSC Hollings Cancer Center’s expert care helped one patient overcome chronic pain & regain his life.

Person in athletic wear bending over to massage their ankle.

Understanding Ankle Injuries

July 07, 2023

Ankle injuries are common for athletes and everyday people. Here, we’ll discuss ankle injury types, their symptoms, home care, and rehabilitation.

Showing 1 – 10 (of 89)