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Robotic Assisted Surgery to Begin at MUSC Health – Lancaster Medical Center

Ashley N. Shannon
February 01, 2022
Stock photo of da Vinci Robotic system

MUSC Health - Lancaster Medical Center announces the addition of robotic surgery via the da Vinci Robotics Surgical System. The first robotics case was performed today by board certified surgeon, Dr. Monther Altiti of MUSC Health – General Surgery - Lancaster. Robotics will be primarily used for urological, gynecological, colorectal, and general surgery at Lancaster Medical Center. Dr. Nicholas Langan, board certified general surgeon will also be performing robotic surgery using the da Vinci System and Dr. Aravind Viswanathan, residency trained urologist and current MUSC Health Urological Oncology fellow will join the MUSC Health – Lancaster Division team as director for robotic surgery later this year.

Robotic Assisted Surgery Team

The robotic system is used with a robotic arm at the field (surgical site). The arm is controlled by the surgeon who is sitting at the da Vinci console within the OR. Many surgeons perform robotic-assisted surgery because it extends the capabilities of their eyes and hands. The system delivers 3D, high-definition views, which provides the surgeon a crystal-clear view of the surgical area. The da Vinci System magnifies ten times what the human eye can see. The instruments move like a tiny hand but with a far greater range of motion.

Thousands of surgeons worldwide have been trained on da Vinci systems and have completed more than 7 million surgical procedures using this advanced technology. The da Vinci system is one part of a much bigger picture. This picture includes not only your surgeon but a dedicated team of professionals with comprehensive and ongoing education and training. The patient is at the center of a network of true professionals working together to help return you to what matters the most in your life.

“We are excited to be able to offer this advanced robotic technology to patients within the communities we serve,” said MUSC Health - Lancaster Division, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Edward McCutcheon. “Adding this level of technology to the services we offer is an expanded example of the commitment that MUSC has made to this area of the state, as well as a display of the importance of innovation within our scope of work. The expansion of service line offerings provides the MUSC Health – Lancaster Division the ability to continue to attract high caliber doctors with the newest and most advanced skillsets to this area.”

Some of the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery are:

  • Improved surgical accuracy
  • Smaller incisions
  • Less risk for surgical complications
  • Reduced post-operative pain
  • A shorter length of stays

“We believe it is best when healthcare can be provided locally, in the communities where our patients work and live,” said MUSC Health - Lancaster Division CEO, J. Scott Broome, MHA, MAIS, FACHE. “Accordingly, MUSC Health is committed to advancing the care our facilities can provide. We are excited to add the da Vinci surgical robot as an enhancement to the growing range of surgical options we can offer within the MUSC Health - Lancaster Division.”